CG Lead Marker Tapes are used to precisely locate the defect area of an inspected weld. They are hand made using a combination of waterproof cloth, cotton and double sided tape with a polyester top tape to encapsulate the lead identification markers prior to stitching the edges.

Tapes are available in many metric and imperial sizes and increments ranging from just 6 inches up to 30 metres plus. Any size or combination can be manufactured on request.

Standard lead markers are 3/16 sharp face but other sizes can be utilised if required.

Your company name can also be added to the end of each tape.

AT160 High Specification Polycoated Waterproof Cloth Tape
- AT160 conforms to Def Stan 81-25
- Very strong
- Very good long term resistance to outdoor exposure
- Good abrasion and puncture resistance
- Good water resistance
- Writable surface
- Wide colour range
- Matt finish

Technical Specs
Thickness - 0.33mm
Breaking Load - 85 N/cm
Elongation - 8%
Adhesion To Steel - 4.0 N/cm
Adhesion To Self - 2.2 N/cm
Service Temp - -50C to +80C